For the Honeoye Falls Community Concert Band, community is at the center of its name. Community, also, is at the center of its soul. Within its own community and those it travels to, it brings music and spirit to celebrate the seasons, the holidays and the good times. Within the community of its own band members, it brings uncommon camaraderie, friendship and love for the work of making music.

The ensemble carries forward a rich musical heritage of bands that preceded it in the historic, mill creek village of Honeoye Falls, New York – military, brass and concert bands of the 1800s and 1900s. A historical milestone, the Village of Honeoye Falls sesquicentennial celebration, largely inspired the community band’s formation in 1988.

The emergence, growth and enduring vibrancy of the HFCCB are all owing to a core group of founding members, many of whom are still with the ensemble today. Foremost among them is Director Lindsey J. Borden. Beyond her accomplished and respected training in music and performance, Lindsey brings a brightness and joy to her work that fires the spirit of all those she leads. Her constant challenge, encouragement, artful music selection and interpretation, humor and zeal have continuously drawn new members, inspired them and kept them coming back. Lindsey’s heartfelt philosophy of inclusion means that younger musicians, as well as those returning to an instrument after many years, may belong and have the opportunity to grow musically.

The band’s seventy active members are diverse in age and occupation. They range from middle school students to retirees. But, as one member said, “We all share a common love for music and performing it for others. It makes us like a big family.” Though a wide spectrum of musical experience and ability is present, all share a willingness to work hard. The quality of performance achieved by this group of mostly non-professional musicians is astonishing. Yet, perfection isn’t what matters most, nor is it even the goal. Rather, it is the process of discovering or rediscovering music and working together to bring it creative life.

The musical repertoire of the Honeoye Falls Community Concert Band includes the celebrated traditional marches, musical show tunes, film soundtrack selections, contemporary compositions and orchestral transcriptions. And, somewhere during the course of nearly every concert, you can expect a humorous, tongue-in-cheek musical interpretation or musical twist. Performing throughout the year with eight to ten concerts on its calendar, the band rehearses on a weekly basis, except for its August break.