My son Austin played percussion in HFCCB during high school. Our whole family enjoyed the concerts. I was surprised how prepared HFCCB was for a 'community band.' Austin invited me to join. He moved on to college, where he continues to play. I have continued because I love our sound.
My daughter, a high school junior at the time, was a charter member of the HFCCB, and encouraged me to join. Another daughter later played throughout her high school years. My two granddaughters can't wait to play with me during our summer seasons!
I played cornet in school, third grade through high school, then French horn in college. Brass instruments took a 50 year rest, then came trumpet lessons in 2012, and HFCCB two years later. I taught Computer Science at RIT for 25 years, retiring in 2005.

Peter Anderson

Trumpet, Cornet

After retiring from 30 years as a music educator I joined the band with my husband. Aside from the community spirit and concerts, I enjoy once again playing challenging music with other fine musicians.

Pat Ensman


I am a founding member of the band and its first director for a very short time – well, I knew enough to be able to kick off a piece and then play along on my euphonium. The founding members were all smart enough to know that Lindsey Borden was and remains a gifted conductor.
For years I've missed playing the nice Besson Euphonium that I was given to play in my college wind ensemble. After my 5 kids graduated from college freeing me from those pesky tuition bills, I bought an old Euphonium which is very similar to the one I played in school. I then needed a place to play it, so I looked around for the closest community band from where I live in Livonia so here I am!

Andy Huber


I joined the Honeoye Falls Community Concert Band my freshman year of high school. I am currently a music teacher and HFCCB continues to be a fun opportunity to play challenging music and make friends in the community.

Sarah Jamison

Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone, Percussion

I'm an RN who loves to make music. Or maybe I'm a musician who loves to be an RN. I joined the band to find an outlet to share that love with others. I also play bass clarinet in the Penfield Symphony Orchestra and coordinate the clarinet choir for the HF-L school which are other wonderful experiences.
Originally joined the band in the early 1990s. I moved to New Jersey in 2000 for a job and couldn’t find a group there like HFCCB. I am now retired so I moved back to HF and rejoined the band in September 2016. HFCCB is a fun group! Love the director and everyone around me
I joined HFCCB with my wife Jerri, (Horn section) in 2008 after having played in various other musical ensembles. I was a Clarinet Performance major at SUNY Geneseo but have followed other career paths. I am now the President of the James R Meys Agency, Inc, a family run insurance business.

James Meys


I originally played in HFCCB from 1997- 2001. I rejoined the group in 2008. I am currently the music librarian for the group and the Horn section leader. My husband, Jim, also plays clarinet in the band.

Jerri Meys

French Horn

It has been wonderful to be part of this band's development, and to personally grow in music. I eagerly anticipate each practice and performance.

Dave Ness


I'm retired and enjoying HFCCB. The rehearsal sessions are usually the most intense mental focus of my week. Older eyes and bifocals don't help, but when I can see the right note my tone, range, and endurance are slowly getting back to what they were when I was 20 and of course there is a big advantage now - plenty of time to practice.

David Newman


Started playing again at church in 2000 after an absence of 25 years. Then joined HFCCB for another outlet. I find that playing in the band helps eliminate the stress from work. Favorite types of music are Movie Soundtracks, Swing, and Blues.

Lyndon VanWagner

Cornet, Trumpet

I joined the HFCCB in their first season after a long hiatus from music. I was a software engineer at Xerox for 25 years and for another 10 years at other companies. I am now a happily retired granddad and continue to play in the band for the fun, challenging music and for the many friendships and other opportunities that have resulted from it.

Ray Wartinger

Baritone Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet

I am a founding member of HFCCB. I enjoy playing in several community bands and pit orchestras. I also enjoy pestering Lindsey. I currently hold the record for "most bands played in at the Lake George Community Band Festival."

Brad Willard

Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, Electric Bass

Playing in this band has shaped my social life since I graduated from college. I have enjoyed continuing to play and expanding my repertoire for 29 years now. Many of my closest friends are in band and we have watched our families grow up over the past 20+ years. I couldn't imagine life without music.

Roxanne Willard

Alto Saxophone

I've played Alto Sax since I was 10 and it's shaped my life - from my love for Jazz to how I met my wife (she played French Horn one seat over from me in the SUNY Geneseo Wind Ensemble). I wanted to keep playing, found HFCCB's website and joined up. It's been a great experience getting to play fun music with fun and talented people.

Chris Zeltmann

Alto Saxophone